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Flow Control Equipment

Stainless Steel Speed Controller with One-touch Fitting ASG Series

Updated Jun-22

  • Improved environmental resistance with the all stainless steel exterior
     Possible for use in environments such as high temperature, water splashing, and where copper and zinc cannot be used
  • Max. operating temperature: 150℃
  • NSF H1 grease
  • Connection thread: Supports M5, R, and G
  • Material: Stainless steel 316 (Body A), FKM (Seal material)
    * Stainless steel 304 is used as the material for parts other than body A.
  • Compact: Height reduced by 23%, Lightweight: 21 g ← 42 g

High Pressure Coolant Check Valve AK-DPY00025/26

Updated Jan-22

  • Max. operating pressure: 15 MPa
  • Compact and lightweight: Weight 130 g (Rc3/8), 210 g (Rc1/2)
  • Structure that prevents foreign matter from piling up around the main
    valve Laser-welded connection prevents looseness

Flat Head Screwdriver Adjustable Metal Speed Controller with One-touch Fitting  ASB-D Series

Updated Dec-21

  • Improved environmental resistance with the all metal exterior
  • Flow adjustable by a flat head screwdriver
    Prevents accidental manual operation
  • Adjustment needle lock nut feature as standard
    Prevents unauthorized adjustment and unwanted operation
    of the needle from the set position due to vibrations or impacts.
    Helps improve safety in your machinery
  • More compact: Height reduced by 28% (For G thread, face seal)
  • 2 types are available for different applications.
    For welding environments and for general environments

Exhaust Flow Control Valve with Indicator AS-DPX00042

Updated Jul-21

  • Contributes to reduced setting errors and work
    hours by managing flow rate figures (indicator)
  • Integrated restrictor and silencer
    Reduced assembly time and number of components
  • The speed can be adjusted on the valve side

Metal Speed Controller with One-touch Fitting ASB Series

Updated Jan-21

  • Improved environmental resistance with the all metal exterior
  • For use in environments with welding spatter, dust, ultraviolet, etc.
  • Improved installability
    More space beneath the tube. Easier installation/removal of the
  • Lightweight: Approx. 28% reduction (54g → 39g)

Speed Exhaust Controller with One-touch Fitting Compact Type JASV Series

Updated Sep-20

  • Quick exhaust valve and metering valve are integrated.
  • Compact type
    Height: 12.7 mm shorter (49% reduction)
  • Effective in preventing condensation
  • Applicable for high-speed cylinder actuation
  • Push-lock type

Speed Controller with One-touch Fittings AS-FM/FC Series AS-FSM/FSC Series

Updated Aug-20

  • Finer adjustment and greater accuracy of
    actuator speed is available within
    specified control range.
    1 to 50 mm/s: AS-FM Series
    50 to 150 mm/s: AS-FC Series

Speed Controller with One-touch Fitting Compact Type JAS Series

Updated May-19

  • Height 12.7 mm, Height: 9.7 mm shorter (43.3% reduction)
    Possible to adjust flow rate even in a narrow space
    Easily mounted using a hexagon wrench
  • Minimum operating pressure: 0.05 MPa
  • Easy to use push-lock type
  • Easier and consistent flow setting

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