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Flow Control Equipment

Exhaust Flow Control Valve with Indicator AS-DPX00042

Updated Jul-21

  • Contributes to reduced setting errors and work
    hours by managing flow rate figures (indicator)
  • Integrated restrictor and silencer
    Reduced assembly time and number of components
  • The speed can be adjusted on the valve side

Metal Speed Controller with One-touch Fitting ASB Series

Updated Jan-21

  • Improved environmental resistance with the all metal exterior
  • For use in environments with welding spatter, dust, ultraviolet, etc.
  • Improved installability
    More space beneath the tube. Easier installation/removal of the
  • Lightweight: Approx. 28% reduction (54g → 39g)

Speed Exhaust Controller with One-touch Fitting Compact Type JASV Series

Updated Sep-20

  • Quick exhaust valve and metering valve are integrated.
  • Compact type
    Height: 12.7 mm shorter (49% reduction)
  • Effective in preventing condensation
  • Applicable for high-speed cylinder actuation
  • Push-lock type

Speed Controller with One-touch Fittings AS-FM/FC Series AS-FSM/FSC Series

Updated Aug-20

  • Finer adjustment and greater accuracy of
    actuator speed is available within
    specified control range.
    1 to 50 mm/s: AS-FM Series
    50 to 150 mm/s: AS-FC Series

Speed Controller with One-touch Fitting Compact Type JAS Series

Updated May-19

  • Height 12.7 mm, Height: 9.7 mm shorter (43.3% reduction)
    Possible to adjust flow rate even in a narrow space
    Easily mounted using a hexagon wrench
  • Minimum operating pressure: 0.05 MPa
  • Easy to use push-lock type
  • Easier and consistent flow setting

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