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Fittings and Tubing

Wear Resistant Tubing/Clear Type TUZC Series

Updated Jan-24

  • Abrasion: Approx. 1/3
    (Compared with SMC polyurethane tubing TU series)
  • Clear type
    Transparency in which the inside contents of a tube can be seen.

2-Layer Fluoropolymer Polyurethane Tubing TUL Series

Updated May-22

  • Flexible 2-layer tube with polyurethane outer layer
  • 2-layer construction (Outer layer: Polyurethane, Inner layer: Fluoropolymer)
  • Tubing I.D.: Cross-section ratio increased by 44% (Compared to TU0805)

Flame Resistant (Equivalent to UL-94 Standard V-0) Spatter Cover KR-□C-X1807

Updated Feb-22

  • Prevents the adhesion and entry of welding spatter
  • Uses a flame-retardant material
    (Equivalent to UL-94 Standard V-0 Soft PVC)

One-touch Fitting with Improved Weather Resistance KQ-X1744

Updated Jul-21

  • Improved weather resistance in outdoor environments
  • Accelerated weathering test: Passed 1000 hours
    ISO 4892-3 (JIS K 7350-3) compliant
  • Combined cycle test: Passed 960 hours
    ISO 14993 (JIS H 8502: 1999) compliant
  • Ozone-proof exposure test: Passed 1000 hours
    ISO 1431 (JIS K 6259) compliant

For Food Industry EHEDG Compliant/Clean Design/US FDA Compliant Fittings

Updated Apr-21

  • Hygienic design prevents liquid from accumulating after cleaning
  • US FDA compliant materials

Flame Resistant (Equivalent to UL-94 Standard V-0) FR 2-Layer Soft Polyurethane Tubing TRBU-X259

Updated Feb-21

  • Peeling of the outer layer not required to connect fittings
    Reduced labor time, Improved workability
  • Improved flexibility (Compared with the TRBU)
  • Lightweight and compact
    Weight: 57% reduction, Cross sectional area: 37% reduction (Compared with the TRBU0805)
  • Suitable for air and water piping in environments where spot welding spatter may be a problem
  • Increased flow rate due to I.D. expansion: Max. 69% improvement (Comparison between the TRBU1208 and the TRBU1210-X259)

FDA (U.S. Food and Drug Administration) and (EU) No 10/2011 Compliant Polyurethane Tubing TU-X214

Updated Dec-20

  • In compliance with the FDA’s (U.S. Food and Drug Administration)
    (EU§ 177.2600 dissolution test and the (EU) No 10/2011 dissolution test
  • Color variations: Black, White, Red, Blue, Yellow, Green, Clear, and Orange
  • Size variations (O.D./mm): ø4, ø6, ø8, ø10, and ø12
  • Length per roll: 20 m

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