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Modular F.R.L./ Pressure Control Equipment

Low-Pressure / High-Precision Type 5.0 MPa Maximum Supply Pressure High Pressure Electro-Pneumatic Regulator ITVX2030-X10

Updated Mar-24

  • Improved accuracy at 1 MPa or less
    Repeatability: Repeatability
    Pressure stability: 0.5% F.S. or less
  • Max. supply pressure: 5.0 MPa
  • Set pressure range: 0.01 to 3.0 MPa
  • Max. flow rate: 3000 L/min (ANR)
  • Fluid: Air, N2, O2, Ar
  • Wetted parts: Fluorine grease

Modular Type Water Separator AFG-D Series

Updated Mar-24

  • The no filter element design achieves a large flow and maintenance free construction.
  • Water droplets are removed by centrifugal force.(Water droplet removal ratio: 99%)
    Air containing water droplets is rotated to remove them by centrifugal force.
  • Modular Design with Uniform Body Style

Plug-in Electro-Pneumatic Regulator / Manifold Type IITV23 Series

Updated Oct-23

  • Connects the electro-pneumatic regulator and the fieldbus device to the same manifold.
    This results in reduced wiring, less man hours for piping and a more compact size.
  • Compact
    Installation area: 20% reduction, Occupied volume: 10% reduction
  • Gain setting
  • Sensitivity setting
  • Remote control and monitoring are available.

Electro-Pneumatic Regulator / High Flow Rate ITV1100/2100/3100 Series

Updated Oct-23

  • For the stepless control of air pressure in proportion to electrical signals
  • Flow rate: Max. approx. 5 times
    (Compared with the existing model)
  • Sensitivity: ±0.2% F.S. or less
  • Linearity: ±1% F.S. or less
  • Hysteresis: 0.5% F.S. or less

Soft Start-up Valve AV□2000-A/3000-A/4000-A/5000-A Series

Updated May-22

  • An air operated type (AVA series) has been added. [New]
  • A lockout type (AVL series) has been added. [New]
  • A start-up valve for low-speed air supply to gradually raise initial pressure in an air system and for quick exhaust by cutting off the air supply
  • Power consumption: 0.35 W
  • Improved flow rate characteristics: By up to 2.3 times (C[dm3/ (s・bar) ]: 9.2)
  • Energy saving: No air flow when the main valve is switched
  • Improved low-speed air supply adjustability
  • Smaller profile and less work required due to integrated silencer

Low Air Consumption Booster Regulator (Size: 10A, 20A) VBA Series

Updated Feb-22

  • Air consumption: Max. 40% reduction
    (Based on SMC’s measuring conditions)
    Driven by reusing the exhaust air
  • Operation noise: 65 dB (A)
    15 dB (A) reduction compared with the existing model (VBA series) (Based on SMC’s measuring conditions)
  • Charging time: Max. 50% shorter
  • Operating cycles: 50 million cycles or more
    Maintenance frequency is reduced due to improved life. (Based on SMC’s test conditions)
  • Compatible with vertical and horizontal installation
  • Mounting compatibility with the existing model (VBA series)

Mist Separator Regulator AWM-D Series
Micro Mist Separator Regulator AWD-D Series

Updated Feb-22

  • Transparent bowl guard
    Improved environmental durability due to 2-layer construction
    (Body sizes 30 and larger) Better visibility: 360°
  • Lightweight: Max. 40.7% reduction (0.24 kg)

Booster Regulator VBA10A/11A Series

Updated Dec-21

  • Increase factory air pressure by 4 times!
  • Air-only operation requires no power supply,
    and allows easy installation.
  • Air consumption: Max. 25% reduction (Pressure increase ratio: Twice),
    Max. 30% reduction (Pressure increase ratio: 4 times)
  • Max. flow rate: 10% increase (Pressure increase ratio: Twice),
    30% increase (Pressure increase ratio: 4 times)
  • Charging time: Max. 30% shorter (Pressure increase ratio: Twice),
    Max. 60% shorter (Pressure increase ratio: 4 times)
  • Improved service life: 50 million cycles or more
    (Pressure increase ratio: Twice, 4 times)
    Maintenance frequency is reduced due to improved life.

Electro-Pneumatic Regulator/Electronic Vacuum Regulator ITV Series

Updated Jun-21

  • IO-Link compatible products have been added.
    IO-Link communication enables users to check device information
    and monitor device status in addition to performing pressure control.

3-Port Solenoid Valve Modular Type/Residual Pressure Release Valve VP546E/746E Series

Updated Jun-21

  • Can be connected to F.R.L. units (AC-D series)
    Allows for space saving and reduced piping labor.
  • Flow rate characteristics C[dm3(/ s·bar)]
  • A model with a soft start-up function is also available.
  • Power consumption: 0.35 W (Without light)
  • Features a check valve built into the pilot flow path
    (Supports pilot pressure drops caused by pressure fluctuations on the inlet side)

Modular F.R.L. Units AC Series

Updated Jul-23

  • A right angle square type pressure gauge and various attachments have been added. [New]
  • Modular Design with Uniform Body Style
  • Better visibility & environmental resistance
    2-layer construction: The bowl is covered with a transparent bowl guard!
    Better visibility: 360°
  • No tools are required.
    Easier replacement of the element (AF20-D to AF40-D only)

Modular Type Common Supply Regulator AR□M(K)-D Series

Updated Mar-21

  • A right angle square type pressure gauge has been added.[New]
  • Supply different pressure for multiple applications
    OUT port is on the back of the product.
  • Reduced piping labor and space-saving design
  • Branch piping

Regulator with Built-in Pressure Gauge Filter Regulator with Built-in Pressure Gauge ACG/ARG/AWG Series

Updated Feb-20

  • Improved visibility by mounting the pressure gauge on the top of the knob
  • Transparent bowl guard
    Improved environmental durability due to 2-layer construction (Body size 30 or more)
    Better visibility: 360°
    Light weight: Approx. 12% reduction
  • Space saving, Labor saving
    Installation height: Approx. 30 mm reduction
    No need to machine a hole for the pressure gauge

  • ∗ The ACG-B is to be discontinued as of March 2025.
    Please select the AC-D simple specials instead.
    For more details, please contact your local sales representative.

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