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Process Valves

Pulse Blow Valve AXTS040-X202


Updated Apr-24

  • The peak pressure of repeatedly colliding air permits efficient blowing.
  • CO2 emissions (Air consumption) : 50% reduction
  • Control for pulse generation is not required.
    Pulse blow can be used by simply supplying air.
  • Built-in pilot valve construction allows for stable blowing.

Direct Operated/Pilot Operated 2-Port Solenoid Valve JSX/JSX□ Series

Updated Mar-24

  • The pilot operated JSXD series (N.O. specification) has been added. [New]
  • A direct operated vacuum type (JSX□□V series) has been added. [New]
  • A direct operated steam type (JSX□□S series) has been added. [New]
  • A direct operated high pressure type (JSX□□H series) has been added. [New]
  • Improved environmental resistance due to the stainless steel coil cover【IP67 enclosure/NEMA4X
    ∗ IP65 for models with a DIN terminal
  • Space saving
    Compact: Valve volume reduced by 25%, Lightweight: Weight reduced by 30%
    ∗ Compared with the existing model
  • Energy saving
    Coil force: 10% increase, Power consumption: 14% reduction
    ∗ Compared with the existing model
  • 360° lead wire insertion and removal is possible.
  • Improved weather resistance in outdoor environments

Air Saving Impact Blow Valve IBV Series

Updated Oct-23

  • Increased impact force due to higher peak pressure
  • Instantaneous air blow reduces CO2, air consumption, and operation time
    Peak pressure: 2 to 3 times or more
    CO2/Air consumption: 93% reduction
    Operation time: 97% reduction

Proportional Control Valve JSP Series

Updated Oct-23

  • Control the flow rate smoothly according to the current
  • Repeatability: ±3% F.S. or less
  • Sensitivity: 2% F.S. or less
  • 2 body types: Body ported, Base mounted
  • IP67 enclosure
  • Seal material: FKM
  • Choice of body material: Stainless steel, Brass
  • Electrical entry: Grommet, Conduit, DIN terminal

Direct Operated 2-Port Solenoid Valve HF3-JSX

Updated Aug-23

  • NSF/ANSI 61 certification
  • IP67 enclosure
  • Space saving
    Compact: Valve volume reduced by 25% (Compared with the existing model)
    Lightweight: Weight reduced by 30% (Compared with the existing model)
  • Body material: Stainless steel

[For High-Pressure Water] Pilot Operated 2-Port Solenoid Valve JSXH-X2

Updated Jul-23

  • Can be used at up to 10 MPa
    For high-pressure washing, water spraying, and misting
  • An IP67 structure with improved environmental resistance (The DIN terminal is IP65.)
  • Orifice diameter [mmø]: 12
  • Flow rate characteristics [Kv]: 1.7 (Port size 3/8), 1.9 (Port size 1/2)
  • Easy maintenance
    The coil can be replaced by simply removing the clip.
  • Power consumption: 8 W

Pulse Valve Valve for Dust Collector JSXF/JSXFA Series

Updated Jul-23

  • A SMARTVENT type has been added. [New]
    The integrated control board eliminates the need for a control box.
  • Life: 10 million cycles or more/10 times or more
  • High peak pressure and low air consumption
    Peak pressure: 15% increase, Air consumption: 35% reduction
  • Fluid temperature: −40 to 60°C
    Can be used in a wide range of temperatures

Angle Seat Valve / Air Operated Type JSB Series

Updated Mar-23

  • Low pressure loss due to angle seat structure!
  • Long service life: 10 million cycles (Air, Water), 3 million cycles (Steam)
  • Large flow rate
    A large flow rate is possible due to the optimized flow channel shape. (Cv factor: approx. 2.5 times)
  • Compact: Height 166 mm (Port size: 1")
  • Abundant series variations of 7 sizes
  • All-in-One (Stainless steel 316L equivalent)
    Air, Water, Steam

Pinch Valve LPV Series

Updated Oct-21

  • 3-port type has been added. [New]
    Valve type
    N.C. on one side (Normally in clamping position)
    N.O. on one side (Normally in unclamping position)
  • Highly resistant to contamination and reduces valve failures
  • Applicable tubing:
    Silicone, PharMed®BPT, Tygon®
  • Power consumption: 2.0 W
  • Compact: Valve width 20 mm
  • Easy tubing replacement

High Pressure Coolant Valve SGH Series

Updated Aug-21

  • Max. operating pressure: 3 MPa, 7 MPa, 10 MPa [New]、14MPa [New]
  • Applicable to high-speed grinding and long drilling processes
  • Coolant valve for high-pressure coolant liquid that is ideal for lubrication, dust blowing, and cooling
  • Service life: 3 million cycles (Based on SMC’s test conditions)
  • Water hammer: Reduced by 20% (Compared to existing model, VNH series)
  • Power consumption: 0.35 W (24 VDC, V116)
  • The 3-port dual pressure type has been standardized.

Compact Direct Operated 2/3-Port Solenoid Valve for Chemical Liquids LVM Series

Updated Mar-20

  • Low particle, generation, Oil-free Metal-free * Fluid contact parts
  • Isolated structure
    The solenoid drive body is separated from the fluid area by a diaphragm.
  • Power consumption: 1.0 W or less (With power saving circuit)
  • Change in volume (Pumping volume): 0.01 μL or less

Low Profile 2/3-Port Solenoid Valve SX90/090 Series

Updated Jan-20

  • Compact
    Overall length: Apporox. 38 mm (2-port), 54 mm (3-port)
    Valve width/ height: 10 mm
    Weight: 10 g (2-port), 20 g (3-port)
  • Large flow rate
    C [dm3 /(s·bar)]: 0.25 (2-port), 0.5 (3-port)
    Flow rate [L/min (ANR)] 45 (2-port), 90 (3-port) (At 0.2 MPa)

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