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Air Preparation Equipment

Bacteria Removal Filter Hollow Fiber Element SFDA Series

Updated Nov-20

  • Bacteria capture performance: LRV ≥ 9
    Use of FDA/Food Sanitation Law compliant materials
    ∗ Parts in contact with fluid: Resin/Rubber
    Designed for use in applications to HACCP principles and FSSC22000 standards
  • Nominal filtration rating: 0.01μm (Filtering efficiency 99.99%)
  • Initial pressure drop: 0.03 MPa (Inlet pressure 0.7 MPa, at max. flow rate)

Line Filter Mist Separator Micro Mist Separator AFF/AM/AMD30

Updated Jul-19

  • Compressed Air Purity Class: ISO8573
  • Face-to-face and depth dimensions reduced by 30%
  • Weight reduced by 30% AFF/AM□30: 0.39 kg (Existing model: 0.55 kg)
  • Flow capacity increased by 50%
  • Pressure drop: 10 kPa or less
  • No tools are required. Easier replacement of the element
  • Transparent bowl guard (Double layer design)
  • An end cap with slits is used for the element.

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