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2/3 Port Solenoid Valves/Air Operated Valves

Direct Operated 2 Port Solenoid Valve (2 Way Valve) VX2

    ・For air, medium vacuum, water, oil, steam (Can be used with heated water)
    ・Flow rate: 20% more flow*
    ・Height: 10% smaller*
    ・Weight: 30% lighter*
    ・Body materials: Aluminum, Resin, C37, Stainless steel
    ・Available with One-touch fittings (Resin body)
     *Comparison made with SMC’s existing model
    ・Manifold type no.: VVX21, VVX22, VVX23
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  • Direct Operated 2 Port Solenoid Valve (2 Way Valve) VX2
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SeriesValve typePort sizeOrifice diameter (mmø)
VX21/22/23N.C./N.O.1/8 to 1/2
ø6 to ø12
2 to 10


■Large flow rate, Compact, Lightweight

Body material:Aluminum, Resin( Air), C37 (Brass), Stainless steel(For water, oil, medium vacuum, and steam)

Enclosure: IP65(Electrical entry flat terminal type terminal is IP40.)

Power consumption: 4.5 W (Size 1), 7 W (Size 2), 10.5 W (Size 3)(DC, N.C. valve)

Piping variations: Thread piping, One-touch fitting

Full-wave rectifier type (AC specification; Insulation type: Class B/H)

・Improved durability

Service life is extended by the special construction. (Compared with the existing shading coil)

・Improved OFF response

Specially constructed to improve the OFF response when operated with a higher viscosity fluid such as oil

・Reduced buzz noise

Rectified to DC by the full-wave rectifier, resulting in a buzz noise reduction

・Low-noise construction

Specially constructed to reduce the metal noise during operation

・Reduced apparent power ∗ Class B, N.C. valve

10 VA→7 VA (Size 1) 20 VA→ 9.5 VA (Size 2) 32 VA→12 VA (Size 3)


Material/Body: PPS, Base: Aluminum, Seal: NBR, FKM

Solenoid coil type

・ Insulation type: Class B/H
・Fluid temperature  
 Class B: Max. 60°C, Class H: Max. 183°C

Valve type


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