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Rotary Actuator CRA1/CDRA1

    ・Compact auto switches (D-M9□ type) are mountable on 2 surfaces.
     Auto switch can be mounted from the front.
    ・Weight reduced by up to 14%
    ・With air cushion, Easy adjustment of cushion valve
    ・With auto switch (CRA1 series: CDRA1, CDRA1□□U, CDVRA1)
TypeSeriesRack typeSizeRotating angle
StandardCRA1Single30,50,63,80,10030:90°180°50 to 100:90°100°180°190°
Angle adjustableCRA1□□USingle50,63,80,10090°100°180°190°
With solenoid valveCDRA1Single50,63,80,10090°100°180°190°

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