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Product Information »  New Products:Air Cylinder ø125, ø140, ø160, ø180, ø200, ø250, ø320 CS2 Series

New Product Information

Air Cylinder ø125, ø140, ø160, ø180, ø200, ø250, ø320 CS2 Series

Updated Jun-22

  • Bore size ø320 has been added to the standard type (single rod and double rod). [New]
  • A long stroke type (ø180 to ø320) has been added. [New]
  • Lightweight: Weight reduced by up to 65% (39.1 kg → 13.4 kg)
  • High rigidity (Allowable lateral load: Max. 900 N)
  • Improved ease of piping:
     Centralized piping ports in the axial direction increase piping flexibility.
    (Axial centralized piping type)

Product Features

Lightweight, High Rigidity, Improved Ease of Piping


Weight reduced by a change in the cover material

High Rigidity

Allowable lateral load: Max. 900 N(ø320, 100 mm stroke, with piston rod extended)

Ease of piping improved by placing the piping and cushion valve on the same side

Mounting is interchangeable with the CS1 series.

・Interchangeable cylinder mounting dimensions
・Interchangeable rod end thread sizes

Lateral load equal to the CS1 series

Air cushion + bumper cushion combined structure

The bumper cushion reduces the metal noise that occurs when the piston stops at the end of the stroke. (ø180, ø200, ø250, and ø320 only)

Auto switches can be mounted on ø125 to ø320.

Smooth Cylinder CS2Y Series (ø125 to ø160 only)

・Min. operating pressure: 0.005 MPa
・For stable operation even at low speeds of 5 mm/s

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Axial Centralized Piping (ø180, ø200, and ø250 only)

Increased piping flexibility, Reduced piping labor

・Piping ports are located in the axial direction of the head cover or the rod cover.
・For long-stroke operation, the speed can be adjusted on one side. Furthermore,
the piping has been simplified, resulting in improved ease of piping.

Series Variations

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