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Modular F.R.L.

Lubricator AL-D

    ・Better visibility & environmental resistance
     2-layer construction: The bowl is covered with a transparent bowl guard!
     Better visibility: 360°
SeriesPort sizeOil capacity (cm3)
AL20 to 60-D1/8,1/4,3/8,1/2,3/4,125 to 135


Modular Design with Uniform Body Style

A right angle square type pressure gauge and a cross adapter attachment have been added. New

Transparent bowl guard

Better environmental resistance: The transparent bowl guard protects the inner bowl!

Better visibility: 360°

  • No tools are required.

    Easier replacement of the element
    * AF20-D to AF40-D only

Selection of pressure gauges, Easy to handle

Mounting (Single unit)

・The mounting pitch for panel mounting is interchangeable between the AR20(K)-D to AR40(K)-06-D and the AR(K)-B series and between the AW20(K)-D to AW40(K)-06-D and the AW(K)-B series.
The brackets and set nuts are the same for both existing and new products.

Series Configuration

Table of Modular F.R.L. Unit Combinations for AC Assembly

Attachment List

Space saving/Reduced piping labor

Improved piping design flexibility

The direction the pressure gauge faces can be changed freely.

Improved piping design flexibility

Size conversion is possible

・Flow capacity UP
・Extended maintenance cycle

Simple Specials System

A system designed to respond quickly and easily to your special ordering needs

Please contact your local sales representative for more details.

Examples of Simple Specials

Common Supply Regulator AR□M(K)-D Residual Pressure Relief 3-Port Solenoid Valve VP546E/746E Mist Separator Regulator AWM-D
Micro Mist Separator Regulator AWD-D 3-Port Solenoid Valve/Residual Pressure Release Valve with Detection of Main Valve Position VP546/746 Compressed Air Preparation Filter Line Filter  AFF
Mist Separator AM Micro Mist Separator AMD Activated Carbon Filter AMK Direct Operated/Pilot Operated 2-Port Solenoid Valve JSX/JSX□ OSHA Standard Compliant Pressure Relief 3-Port Valve with Locking Holes VHS□-D/VHS□W-D 3-Color Display Digital Flow Switch PF3A7/8□H(-L) 5-Port Solenoid Valve SY3000/5000-X990

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