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Vacuum Ejectors (Vacuum Generators)/Vacuum Pump Systems

Vacuum Unit (Vacuum Generators) ZK2□A

    ・Supply valve: An N.O. specification has been added.
     Can hold vacuum∗ even when the power goes out or is turned off
     Prevents the sudden dropping of workpieces∗
     ∗ Supposing the supply pressure is being maintained
    ・An IO-Link compatible pressure switch has been added.
     Allows for ejector control with a single communication line
     Reading of the device information and parameter batch settings are
    ・Compatible with ejector systems and vacuum pump systems
    ・Energy saving ejector
     Air supply is cut-off when vacuum is reached.
     Air consumption: 93% reduction (Under SMC’s measurement conditions)
    ・More efficient ejector: Suction flow increased by 50% (Compared to other
     SMC 1-stage ejectors)
    ・Energy saving efficiency: 93% reduction
    ・Improved low noise and suction flow by adoption of a high-noise
     reduction silencer
Ejector seriesNozzle diameter
Max. suction flow
Air consumption
Guidelines for applicable pad
Vacuum pump system series
ZK2□070.729242 to 40ZK2□00
ZK2□101.044402 to 50ZK2□00
ZK2□121.261582 to 125ZK2□00
ZK2□151.567902 to 150ZK2□00


Energy saving ejector

High-noise Reduction Silencer

Improved low noise and suction flow by adoption of a high-noise reduction silencer

Low noise: 46 dB (A)*

∗ Nozzle size: ø0.7 (Under SMC’s measurement conditions)

Suction flow: Improved by up to approx. 20%

All in One: Piping, wiring, and installation time reduced!!

Wiring variations

Mounting (Options)

Vacuum Unit Variations Single Unit

Vacuum Unit Variations Manifold

IO-Link Compatible

Energy saving is possible due to the vacuum pressure switch with energy saving function and efficient ejectors.
Air consumption: 93% reduction

(Based on SMC’s measurement conditions)

IO-Link Compatible ZK2□A

Visualization of operation/equipment status/Remote monitoring and control by communication

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