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Blow Guns

Blow Gun VMG

    ・A 20% reduction in power consumption can be achieved with the SMC “Blow gun” + “S coupler” + “Coil tube.”
    ・Pressure loss: 1% or less (Nozzle size: ø2.5)
    ・Available nozzles:
     Male thread nozzle, High efficiency nozzle with male thread,
     Low noise nozzle with male thread, Copper extension nozzle
    ・With flow rate adjustment function (-X54)
  • 2D/3D CAD

    The new SMC CAD SYSTEM, CADENAS, allows you to output 2D/3D CAD data with full part numbers in various data formats. Responses to part number selection has been greatly improved with the newly developed system.

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SeriesPort sizeOperating pressure range
Effective area
Nozzle port size
0 to 1.030Rc1/4


20% reduction in power consumption with the SMC "Blow gun" + "S coupler" + "Coil tube"

*10% reduction with the "Blow gun (VMG)" only


Operability, Safety, Environment

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