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FEP Tubing (Fluoropolymer) TH/TIH

    ・Max. operating pressure: 2.3 MPa (at 20℃)
    ・Food Sanitation Law compliant
    ・Complies with the FDA (Food and Drug Administration)
     § 177.1550 dissolution test
    ・Operating temperature (fixed usage): Air, Inert gas: -65 to 200℃
                        Water: 0 to 100℃ (No freezing)

    *This may vary according to size
SeriesTubing O.D.
Metric size
Tubing O.D.
Inch size
TH/TIHφ4, φ6, φ8, φ10, φ12φ1/8'',φ3/16'',φ1/4'',φ3/8'',φ1/2'',φ3/4''Translucent, Black, Red, Blue

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