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High Purity Chemical Liquid Valves

High Purity Chemical Liquid Valve/Air Operated, Integrated Fitting Type LVC

    ・Body material: New PFA
    ・N.C./N.O./Double acting all feature the same configuration.
    ・Compatible with fluid temperatures of 100℃
    ・Manifold type no.: LLC2, LLC3, LLC4, LLC5
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SeriesTypeValve typeApplicable tubing O.D.Orifice diameter (mmø)
LVCAir Operated
Integrated fitting
Double acting
Metric: 3 to 25
Inch: 1/8 to 1
4 to 22


Air Operated/Integrated Fitting Type LVC Series

● N.C./N.O./Double acting with same configuration
● Compatible with 100° C fluid temperature
● Body material: New PFA

Air Operated/Threaded Type LVA Series

● Diaphragm material PTFE, EPR, NBR are selectable
● Body material: New PFA/Stainless steel/PPS

Integrated Fitting Type/Threaded Type Manually Operated LVH Series

● Locking and non-locking types available
● Body material: New PFA/Stainless steel/PPS

Main Applications and Fields

Organic Solvents Compatible

● Body: Stainless steel, Actuator section: ADC, Buffer: FKM/EPDM (Select one)
● Fitting type: Double ferrule fittings, Metal gasket seal fittings, Integrated tubing
● Options: With flow rate adjustment, With indicator, High back pressure (0.5 MPa), Body wetted parts equivalent to EP grade
● Japan’s Export Trade Control Order: Not applicable for list control

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