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Battery-less Absolute Encoder Type

Electric Actuator/Slider Type High Rigidity Guide LEKFS

    ・Circular arc grooves allow for high rigidity and high precision.
    ・Moment resistance improved by up to 61%
    ・Table displacement reduced by up to 50%
    ・With internal battery-less absolute encoder
     Restart from the last stop position is possible after recovery of
     the power supply.
     Reduced maintenance (No need to manage or replace batteries)
    ・Positioning repeatability: ±0.01 mm
Specification ModelStroke
Work load (kg)
Battery-less absolute
(Step motor/24 VDC)
LEKFS1650 to 500Max. 15Max. 7005,10
Battery-less absolute
(Step motor/24 VDC)
LEKFS2550 to 500Max. 30Max. 11006,12,20
Battery-less absolute
(Step motor/24 VDC)
LEKFS3250 to 500Max. 50Max. 12008,16,24
Battery-less absolute
(Step motor/24 VDC)
LEKFS4050 to 500Max. 65Max. 120010,20,30
AC servo motorLEKFS2550 to 800Max. 20Max. 15006,12,20
AC servo motorLEKFS3250 to 1000Max. 45Max. 15008,16,24
AC servo motorLEKFS40150 to 1200Max. 60Max. 150010,20,30


Circular arc grooves allow for high rigidity and high precision.

With a 4-row circular arc on each side for high rigidity and high precision (zero clearance)

・Improved moment resistance

・Table displacement amount reduced to 1/2

・Zero table clearance

Auto switches are mountable.

Allows for position detection of the table throughout the stroke

Same dimensions as the LEF/Complete mounting compatibility is ensured.

∗ Excludes size 16

The body bottom positioning pin holes have been standardized.

Magnet for adhesion of the dust seal band

Improved adhesion enhances the dustproof performance and reduces dust seal band blistering.

Application Examples


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