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Wireless System: EtherNet/IP Compatible Products

Wireless System Compact Remote EX600-W

    ・Applicable to existing wireless systems
    ・Compact, Lightweight
     Area: Approx. 61% reduction (59.8 cm2 ← 155 cm2)
     Volume: Approx. 86% reduction (159 cm3 ← 1,139 cm3)
     Weight: Approx. 87% reduction (130 g ← 965 g)
     ∗ For the e-CON type
      (Compared with the existing remote, M8 connector/digital 8 inputs specification)
     e-CON type, Grommet type, IO-Link device compatible

     ▶Wireless System Base
     ▶IO-Link Devices
SeriesEnclosureCommunication protocolRadio wave type
EX600-We-CON type: IP20
Grommet type: IP67
IO-Link device compatible: IP67
SMC original protocolFrequency Hopping Spread Spectrum (FHSS)

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