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Industrial Device Communication Equipment: CC-Link Compatible Products

Wireless System EXW1/EX600-W

    ・Noise resistance
     Uses the 2.4 GHz ISM frequency band
     Frequency hopping: Every 2 ms (Fastest)
    ・Communication cables not required
     Reduced wiring work, space, and cost
     Minimized disconnection risk
    ・Provides communication stability in FA environments
    ・Compact and lightweight (EXW1)
     Volume: Approx. 86% reduction, Weight: Approx. 87% reduction
    ・Modular connection is possible. (EX600-W)

     ▶IO-Link Master
SeriesEnclosureCommunication protocolApplicable valve
EXW1IP20 (Remote)CC-LinkJSY1000, 3000, 5000
EX600-WIP67 equivalentEtherNet/IP™
JSY1000, 3000, 5000(Plug-in)


Wireless System

Compact Type EXW1 Series

Modular Type EX600-W Series

Provides communication stability in FA environments

Even if multiple wireless bases are in use in the same communication area, each wireless base is able to effectively communicate with the remotes they are paired with. Each wireless base is able to identify its wireless remotes by their P.I.D.
∗ P.I.D.: Product I.D.

Supports external antennas

Frequency hopping/Event communication system

Frequency hopping

A stable wireless environment is established using an original protocol which is not affected by interference. Interference from other wireless equipment is reduced.。

Event communication system

Wireless communication is performed only when there is a variation in the information, thereby suppressing the frequency of radio wave output in wireless communication and reducing interference with other wireless devices.

Frequency channel select

F.C.S. (Frequency channel select) function supported

This is a function that allows for the selection of the frequency channel to be hopped to via frequency hopping. When the frequency used by wireless LANs, AGVs, or other wireless devices is known, selecting a different frequency channel will allow for hopping only to the selected frequency channel, thereby reducing communication collisions with other wireless devices and stabilizing communication.
∗ The number of selectable frequency channels varies depending on the country of use.

Frequency band used

Uses the 2.4 GHz ISM frequency band

High security using encryption

Unauthorized access from outside is prevented by using data encryption.

Remote high-speed connection

Product diagnosis

Setting software (IO Configurator)

Logging function

The following information is saved in the internal memory of the product. It can be downloaded and visualized from the web function or the setting software (IO Configurator).

The compact EXW1 and the modular EX600-W can be mixed.

∗ When they are mixed, the communication speed/response time is limited to the EX600-W’s specifications. (Refer to the system configuration examples.)

System Configuration Examples

Wiring material cost and installation time can be reduced.

∗ For the EX600-W modular type

Interchangeability maintained

Application Examples

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