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Slider Type

Electric Actuator/Low Profile Slider Type LEM

    ・Low-profile, Low center of gravity Table height: 28 mm
     (In the case of LEMC/H/HT, size 25)
    ・Can be combined with various guides
    ・High maintainability
    ・Motor mounting position: Select from above or below, right or left
    ・Solid state auto switches can be mounted for limit confirmation and intermediate signal confirmation.
    ・Selectable controllability (Controller)
     Complete control like an air cylinder (Allows for a 12 point intermediate stop)
     Easy position setting by value input
Guide typeModelStroke
Work load
Equivalent lead
BasicLEMB50 to 20006,11Max. 100048
Cam follower guideLEMC50 to 200010,20Max. 100048
Linear guide (Single axis)LEMH50 to 150010,20Max. 200048
Linear guide (Double axis)LEMHT100 to 150010,20Max. 200048


■Compact, Low Profile

Table height: 28mm (For LEMC/H/HT, size 25)
Table height reduced by using belt drive and offset guide.
Mounting interchangeable with the E-MY series

■Guide mechanism can be selected.
■Selectable controllability (Controller)
  • End to end operation similar to an air cylinder (12 intermediate stop positions)
  • Easy position setting using numerical inputs
■Mounting interchangeable with the conventional E-MY series
  • Can be connected to various types of guide. (Series LEMB)
■Easy maintenance (Series LEMC/H/HT)

The drive unit and the guide unit are separable.

■Motor Placement: Mounting position of the motor is user selectable and can either be on the top, bottom, left, or right of the actuator.
■Solid state auto switch can be mounted for checking the limit and intermediate signal.
■Application Examples

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