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Multistage Ejector ZL1/ZL3/ZL6 Series


Updated Mar-24

  • An IO-Link compatible vacuum pressure switch has been added. (ZL3, ZL6) [New]
    Allows for ejector control with a single communication line
    Reading of the device information and parameter batch settings are possible.
  • Max. suction flow rate: 3 types available: 100, 300, and 600 L/min (ANR)
  • Air consumption: 91% reduction (ZL3, ZL6)
    Reduced by the pressure switch for vacuum with energy saving function and efficient ejectors
  • Weight: Max. 60% reduction [ZL112 (Existing model): 450 g → ZL1: 180 g]

Product Features

Compact3 types available: 100, 300, and 600 L/min (ANR)

Energy saving(ZL3、ZL6)

High efficiency (Suction flow rate/Air consumption)(ZL1、ZL3、ZL6)

3-stage diffuser construction(ZL1、ZL3、ZL6)


Various vacuum pressure sensors(ZL1、ZL3、ZL6)

Vacuum port: A branch specification is selectable.(ZL3、ZL6)

Standard supply pressure: A 0.35 MPa specification has been added. (ZL3、ZL6)

Supports the adoption of low supply pressure

IO-Link Compatible Vacuum Pressure Switch (ZL3、ZL6)

No tools are required! Reduced maintenance labor(ZL1)

Supply valve/Release valve


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