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Compact Cylinder  CQ2/CDQ2 Series


Updated Mar-24

  • Sizes ø4, ø6, and ø10 have been added. [New]
  • ø4 to ø200 lineup
  • Space-saving cylinder designed with a compact body
  • Small auto switches can be mounted on 4 surfaces. (1 surface for ø6 annd ø10, 2 surfaces for ø12 to ø25)
  • No projection of the auto switch
  • Weight: Reduced by 5 to 13% (Compared with the existing CQ2 series)
  • Newly added compact type foot brackets and double clevis pivot bracket
  • Part numbers with a rod end bracket and/or mounting bolt are available. (It is not necessary to order a bracket for the applicable cylinder separately.)
  • With auto switch (CDQ2 series: CDQ2, CDQ2W, CDQ2K, CDQ2KW, CDQP2, CDQ2□S, CDBQ2)

Product Features

Sizes ø4, ø6, and ø10 have been added. New

Can mount small auto switches on 4 surfaces.

Remodeled with a new body to get more flexibility!

Auto switches can be mounted on any of the 4 surfaces, depending on the installation conditions.
(ø12 to ø25: 2 surfaces) Improved flexibility of system design.

Auto switch mounting rail removed A round slot for mounting small auto switches is provided on 4 surfaces.

Available up to ø200

No projection of auto switch

Prevention of damage to auto switch
Sleeves cannot get caught in the auto switch and its mounting rail.

Improved ease of work and safety

Reduction in labor for design

There is no need to check for interference with a machine,
because the outer dimensions of the cylinder do not change when the auto switch is mounted.

Lighter weight

Reduced by 5 to 13% (Compared with SMC CQ2 series)

Small auto switch

2-color indication solid state auto switch

Appropriate setting of the mounting position can be performed without mistakes.

Reduction in labor for work

Reduction in labor for design

The rail mounting type auto switch can be mounted.

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