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In-line Type AS Series

Updated May-24

  • A panel mount type has been added. [New]
    No tools required, Reduced installation work
  • Reduces labor time
    Easy to use push-lock type
    Knob O.D.: Almost doubled
  • Improved reproducibility of flow rate
  • Lightweight: Weight reduced by approx. 27%
  • Electroless nickel plated type is standard.

Product Features

Reduces flow setting time!

Mounting Variations

Improved reproducibility of flow rate


Weight: Approx. 27% lighter

Larger knob

Easy identification of product type

・By index plate

 It is possible to identify the product when multiple controllers are mounted and identify the flow direction by attaching an identification label.

・By color

Made to Order

・The electroless nickel plating type is standardized.
・The stainless steel type is standardized.

Series variations

Push-Lock Series Variations

     ▶AS Series Click here for details                 ▶AS-FS Series Click here for details

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