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Flow Controller for Air PFCQ Series

Updated Sep-23

  • Flow rate control range: 9 to 300 L/min
    * Operational differential pressure range: 0.05 to 0.5 MPa
  • Time to reach the set flow rate: 0.5 seconds or less
    (When the operating differential pressure is 0.3 MPa and the flow rate is set to 300 L/min)
  • Flow rate accuracy: ±3% F.S.
  • Grease-free
  • Lightweight 850 g
  • 3-screen display digital flow monitor PFG310-X105

Product Features

Flow rate control range: 9 to 300 L/min


Working Principle

This product has a built-in linear motor which changes the valve opening by moving the valve element mounted to the linear motor, and thereby adjusting the flow rate inside the valve.
When the flow rate command signal is input to the product, the internal operation circuit performs a comparison calculation with the flow rate measured by the flow sensor. The product drives the linear motor based on that value to control the flow rate. When the linear motor is de-energized, the valve is closed by the attractive force of the permanent magnet mounted to the linear motor (Normally closed).


3-Screen Display Digital Flow Monitor PFG310-X105

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