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New Product Information

Air Management System AMS20/30/40/60 Series

Updated Apr-24

  • Air consumption: Max. 62% reduction
    Monitors the machine standby conditions (when production stops) and automatically decreases the pressure.
    Reduces unnecessary air consumption
  • Compatible with OPC UA
    Direct connection enables data communications.
  • Compatible with wireless systems
    Communication cables not required
    High security thanks to unique encryption
    Communication distance: Max. 100 m
  • IO-Link compatible

Product Features

Air consumption: Max. 62%*reduction

* In SMC conditions: Maximum reduction ratio within product specifications
(at 0.7 MPa operating pressure and 0.2 MPa low pressure)

Why not reduce the wasted air generated by your factory equipment?

Reduced air consumption due to lower pressure during production stoppages/equipment standby (Standby mode)

Reduce air consumption by shutting off valves depending on equipment shutdown conditions (Isolation mode)

Residual pressure exhaust valve allows further reduction of air consumption by shutting off the air supply.
Automatic isolation mode is also provided that can be turned off after a set time from standby mode.

Visualization of production equipment status

Flow, pressure, temperature, and other sensor information can be communicated to the host system via Industrial Ethernet or the OPC UA data communication protocol.

IO-Link compatible

Examples of IoT applications with Air Management System

Compatible with SMC wireless systems

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