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New Product Information

4-Port Solenoid Valve Cassette Type Manifold SJ1000/2000/3000/4000 Series

Updated Sep-23

  • A large flow type (SJ3000A) has been added.[New]
  • An SJ4000 manifold has been added.[New]
  • Allows for the mixed mounting of 5 SJ series valve sizes
  • Connector type (Card edge type)
    Easily increase or decrease the number of stations and easily replace valves
  • Non plug-in individual wiring compliant

Product Features

A large flow type (SJ3000A) has been added.

SJ1000, SJ2000, and SJ3000 valves can be mounted together.

Power consumption

0.15 W *1 (SJ3000/4000 with power-saving circuit)
0.23 W *1 (SJ1000/2000 with power-saving circuit)

*1 Refer to the catalog for details.

Connector type (Card edge type)

SJ1000, SJ2000, SJ3000, and SJ4000 series valves can be mounted together.

・Easily increase or decrease the number of stations and easily replace valves
・The 34-pin connector allows for up to 16 stations with double solenoids or 32 stations with single solenoids.Connector type (Card edge type)

Non plug-in individual wiring compliant

The manifold uses halogen-free lead wires.

Piping variations

With switch (Connector type)

Manual locking

Connector mounting direction

Fittings are replaceable.

Valve connection mechanism

Connection between valves can be secured using the valve lock switch.
Connection can be confirmed by checking to see whether the connection hook is inserted into the connection groove of the adjacent valve.

* Excludes the SJ4000

Light indication

Type of manual override

4-position dual 3-port valve

・3-port valves integrated into a single valve
・It is possible to control the 4(A) and 2(B) ports individually.
・Can be mounted on the same manifold as a 4-port valve
・3 types of combinations are available.

Connector Type Manifold

Plug-in Cable Type Manifold

Regulator block

This is a regulator block with the same width (10 mm) as the SJ3000.
Pressure supplied from the D side is used to reduce pressure in the manifold.
The U side valves are all depressurized by the regulator block.

* Excludes the SJ4000

Intermediate connector block

This connector block can be used by inserting it into the middle of the manifold.
It can be used, for example, when you wish to separate electrical control of valves in the same manifold or when the number of control points is insufficient.

SUP/EXH block with regulator and pressure switch

This pressure regulator is intended to adjust the SUP pressure of the manifold.
Additionally, a pressure switch and pressure gauge can be mounted on it.

* Excludes the SJ4000

Valve with speed controller

As a speed controller is built into this valve, the cylinder speed can be adjusted on the valve side.
2 types, meter-in and meter-out, are provided.

Low-profile SUP/EXH block (Made to order)

The width dimension of the SUP/EXH block is only 10.2 mm, smaller than the 15.5 mm width of the standard product, which allows for the length of the entire manifold to be reduced.

∗ Excludes the SJ4000

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