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New Product Information

Step Motor Controller JXC Series

Updated Mar-22

  • A controller with STO sub-function has been added. [New]
  • Parallel I/O
  • Step motor (Servo/24 VDC)
  • Number of step data: 64 points

Product Features

Step Motor Controller

Step Data Input Type JXC51/61 Series
Easy-to-use setting software ACT Controller 2 (For PC)

・ACT2 Controller Setting Software ACT Controller 2

・Teaching Box

The actuator and controller are provided as a set. (They can be ordered separately as well.)

Fieldbus Network
DeviceNet®/CC-Link Direct Input Type
Step Motor Controller/JXC□ Series

・Controller Setting Software ACT Controller 2

Controller with STO Sub-Function JXC□F Series

Safety function/STO, SS1-t (EN 61800-5-2)
When the STO signal is input from the safety device, after the SS1-t operation is completed, the unit shifts to the STO operation and the power supply of the motor is turned OFF.

Certified by a third-party organization

Facilitates the safety designing of equipment and facilities (compliant with ISO/IEC standards)

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