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Connectable Modular Components

Direct Operated/Pilot Operated 2-Port Solenoid Valve JSX/JSX□

    ・The coil orientation and blow port position can be selected.
    ・Electrical entry: Grommet, DIN terminal, Conduit, M12 connector
SeriesApplicable combinationsPort sizeOrifice diameter (mmø)
JSXM21AC20-D1/8, 1/43.2
JSXM31AC30-D1/4, 3/84
JSXM41AC40-D1/4, 3/8, 1/24


Allows for space saving and reduced piping labor

Installation area: Max. 59% reduction (356,970 mm2 ← 866,700 mm2)
・Width: Reduced by 255 mm (815 mm ← 1070 mm)
・Height: Reduced by 372 mm (438 mm ← 810 mm)
Connectable modular components
Various attachment options
・Component and piping connection directions
・Size conversion is possible
Simple Specials System

Component connection directions

Piping connection directions

Size conversion is possible

Flow capacity UP, Reduced number of element replacements

Space-saving design and reduced piping labor

Simple Specials System

A system designed to respond quickly and easily to your special ordering needs

Please contact your local sales representativefor more details

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