Sustainable Management of CO2

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Sustainable Management of CO2
SMC’s CO2Emission-Reducing Initiatives

Production process and product performance improvements with a focus on the environment

Over the past several years, SMC has continued to take on its social responsibility to seriously promote and support sustainability in order to minimize negative impacts to the environment.
SMC is always looking to develop newer and greener solutions with CO2 reduction as a top priority as a leader in the field of pneumatics. One of the key components of our comprehensive approach is the designing of compact and lightweight products. Smaller, lighter products require less raw materials to make and less time to process. In addition, the products themselves use less energy.
All of these efforts contribute to reduced CO2 emissions.
SMC’s fully integrated technical, production, and sales departments are able to respond to the needs of our customers from around the world with a shared goal of finding new methods to effectively protect the environment.

SMC’s CO2 emission-reducing initiatives also include the promotion of eco-friendly factories and products. In addition, SMC promotes the reduction of CO2 emissions in our operations.

CO2 Emission-Reducing Products

With SMC’s use of topology optimization※1in the design process, more compact, lightweight products can be realized compared with existing products, resulting in a large reduction in the amount of CO2 emissions during production.
In addition, these products can also contribute to energy saving and CO2 reduction during usage.
※1Topology optimization is the methodology of finding the most efficient design for an object on a mathematical and mechanical basis.

CO2 emission-reducing products Up to 75% reduction

CO2emission calculation conditions and definitions
(SMC’s calculation method)

The amount of greenhouse gases emitted during the production of raw materials
 converted, into CO2 emissions is displayed as [kg-CO2e].

Calculation by the LCI database

The LCI (life cycle inventory) data ̶ which is a quantitative assessment of the amount of emissions emitted during a product’s life cycle (production, usage, disposal, etc.) takes into account the amount of resources and energy used in each process as well as various environmental impacts

Source: LCI database IDEA version 2.3 (2019/12/27): National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology The Research Institute of Science for Safety and Sustainability’s Research Laboratory for IDEA, Sustainable Management Promotion Organization

Sustainable Management of CO2

Please download the pamphlet about our CO2 reduction efforts from the following link.

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