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Mechanical Valves/Transmitters

Two Hand Control Valve VR51

    ・Equipment featuring a safety circuit
    ・When starting an operation, accidents, such as fingers being caught, can be prevented by requiring both hands to start push button operated valves.
    ・An output requires synchronized two-handed operation. (within 0.5 s)
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  • Two Hand Control Valve VR51
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SeriesSonic conductance:CPort size
Metric size
Port size
Inch size
Applicable tubing
VR510.3 dm3/(s・bar)φ6φ1/4Nylon
Soft nylon
FR soft nylon
FR double layer
FR double layer polyurethane


■An output is available through synchronized, two-handed operation (within 0.5 s)!
■Conforming to EN574
■Equipment having a safety circuit

When starting an operation, accidents such as fingers being caught can be prevented, by requiring both hands to start these push button operated valves.

■Application Examples

Press fitting with an air cylinder, Caulking


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