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Pilot Operated 4/5 Port Solenoid Valves

5-Port Solenoid Valve/Plug-in Type SY3000/5000/7000

    ・Due to the flow increase, the valve size can be reduced!
     Saves energy and space
    ・Power consumption: 0.1 W (With power saving circuit)/0.35 W (Standard)
    ・Plug-in sub-plate has been newly added!
    ・Plug-in metal base (IP40)/Plug-in connector connecting base (IP67)
    ・Manifold type no.: SS5Y3, SS5Y5, SS5Y7
    ・Can be connected to F.R.L. units (AC-D series) (-X990)
    ・Supports Interface regulators
SeriesFlow rate characteristics
Flow rate characteristics
cylinder size
0.1(With power saving circuit)
0.1(With power saving circuit)
0.1(With power saving circuit)


Due to the flow increase, the valve size can be reduced!

Saves energy and space.

Manifold variations

Plug-in Metal Base [IP40]

Plug-in Connector Connecting Base [IP67]


Power saving

Space saving/Improved operability

Wiring, piping and operation are integrated on one side.

Multiple layer type is available as an option. This saves space in the lateral direction.

Bottom ported is prepared(A, B port). Space saving

Bottom ported reduces the footprint.

4-position dual 3-port valve available (Only rubber seal type)

Two 3-port valves built into one body

Different sizes (SY3000/5000 or SY5000/7000) can be mixed!

Possible to reduce installation space, the number of serial units and wirings.

Improved safety

Back pressure check valve

This prevents actuator and air operated valve malfunctions caused by the exhaust from other valves.

With residual pressure release valve (SY5000/7000)

Lever Type
SUP Stop Valve Spacer (With residual pressure release valve)

Slotted Type
SUP stop valve spacer (With residual pressure release valve)

Air supply to each valve can be stopped individually.
The valve and cylinder can be replaced without stopping other devices and equipment.

Slotted Type
Double check spacer (With residual pressure release valve)

Long time of intermediate stop and position holding are possible.

With slide locking manual override

ON/OFF operation and locking can be performed with the manual slide.

Made to Order: With safety slide locking manual override/SY3000/5000/7000-X13

Double action manual override prevents incorrect operation!

Piping options

Plug-in 5-Port Solenoid Valve with 4(A)/2(B) Port Pressure Sensor

Application Examples

How to Order Valves (With mounting screw)

Only for External Pilot Vacuum Release Valve with Restrictor Series SY3A□R/SY5A□R

Vacuum suction and release can be controlled with a single valve!

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