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Battery-less Absolute Encoder Type

Battery-less Absolute Encoder Type
Electric Actuator/Guide Rod Type LEYG

    ・Restart from the last stop position is possible.
    ・Easy operation restart after recovery of the power supply
     The position information is held by the encoder even when the power supply is turned off. A return to origin operation is not necessary when the power supply is recovered.
    ・No battery is installed. Reduced maintenance
     No battery is used to store the position information.
     There is no need to manage spare batteries or replacement maintenance.
    ・Compact integration of guide rods
     Achieves lateral load resistance and high non-rotating accuracy
    ・Lateral end load: 5 times more (Compared with a rod type, size 25, 100 stroke)
    ・Compatible with sliding bearings and ball bushing bearings
     Compatible with moment load and stopper (sliding bearings)
    ・Either positioning or pushing control can be selected.
     It is possible to hold the actuator with the rod pushing on a workpiece, etc.
    ・Positioning repeatability: ±0.02 mm or less
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Pushing force [N]Speed
Screw lead (mm)
Battery-less absolute
(Step motor/24 VDC)
LEYG1630 to 200Max. 141Max. 5002.5,5,10
Battery-less absolute
(Step motor/24 VDC)
LEYG2530 to 300Max. 452Max. 5003,6,12
Battery-less absolute
(Step motor/24 VDC)
LEYG3230 to 300Max. 707Max. 5004,8,16
Battery-less absolute
(Step motor/24 VDC)
LEYG4030 to 300Max. 1058Max. 5004,8,16


■Restart from the last stop position is possible.
■Compatible Actuators

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