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3-Color Display Digital Flow Switch PF2MC7□(-L)

Switches/Sensors/Controller » Electronic Flow Switches/Sensors
IO-Link Devices » Digital Flow Switch
Industrial Device Communication Equipment/Wireless System » Industrial Device Communication Equipment: IO-Link Compatible Products
    ・Dry air, N2
    ・3-color/3-screen display
    ・A wide range of flow measurement is possible with 1 product.
     Flow ratio 100:1, Smallest settable increment: 1 L/min
    ・IO-Link compatible

     ▶IO-Link Master
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  • 3-Color Display Digital Flow Switch PF2MC7□(-L)
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SeriesRated flow range (L/min)
PF2MC5 to 500
10 to 1000
20 to 2000

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