Providing the global market with products of the utmost quality

To enable our customers throughout the world to use our products with even greater confidence, SMC has obtained certification stating compliance with international standards ISO 9001 and ISO 14001, guaranteeing a reliable system of quality assurance and environmental management. SMC strives to create products that both meet customer expectations and make contributions to society.

Quality Management System

ISO 9001

This is an international standard for quality control and quality assurance. SMC has obtained a large number of certifications in Japan and overseas, providing assurance to our customers throughout the world.

ISO 9001

Environmental Management System

ISO 14001

This is an international standard related to environmental management systems and environmental inspections. While promoting environmentally friendly automation technology, SMC is also making diligent efforts to preserve the environment.

ISO 14001

SMC's Quality Control System

Quality Policies

1. Customer First

To quickly respond to customer requests and provide highquality products and services that meet customer expectations

2. Source Control

To identify issues at an early stage by conducting 5-Why analyses to trace issues back to thei r root causes, allowing for issues to be fixed immediately and for the establishment of a quality assurance system

3. Full Participation

To implement quality improvement activities with the participation of all employees, each remaining aware of their own responsibilities, keeping “quality first” in mind

4. Plan Initiative

To commit to prioritizing quality and reliably following the plan-do-check cycle

Quality Control Activities

Sales Coordination

Market Research

Product Planning

After-sales Service

Research, Design, Development

New Product Evaluation

Reliability Design

Reliability Testing

New Technology Development


Process Control

Inspection, Testing, etc

Initial Production Quality Control

Education, Training

Quality System Education

Technical Skills and Qualifications Management

Status of Acquisition of ISO Certification

Applicable Products and Services
(The design, development, and manufacturing of the following products)

Air Preparation Equipment


Fittings and Tubing


Air Line Equipment

Temperature Control Equipment


Static Neutralization Equipment

Directional Control Valves


Vacuum Equipment