Products / Technology

12,000 basic models and 700,000 variations:
A wide range of product variations to accommodate various applications

A complete lineup of pneumatic control systems

As a general supplier of pneumatic components, SMC is able to provide a complete system of product suitable to a variety of applications. Our broad range of product variations available for each system component is what allows SMC to offer a pneumatic system that is capable of specifically meeting the diverse needs of our customers.

SMC Products in Peripheral Markets

SMC products are no longer only for use in conventional pneumatic control systems. We are continually expanding our product lineup to cover peripheral markets as well. SMC products have always been developed to satisfy unique requirements, and our commitment to customer satisfaction is the driving force behind our pursuit of developing products for new markets.

Detection Switches

Switches that monitor various fluids, such as air or water, to control pressure and/or flow rates

Temperature Control Equipment

Temperature control equipment that allows for precise temperature control in thermo-chillers with refrigeration technology and thermo-cons with thermo-electric device technology

Electric Actuators

Electric actuators that use a variety of controllers and motors to provide highly accurate multi-point positioning and shockless transport

Vacuum Equipment

Vacuum equipment that generates a vacuum state by supplying compressed air for workpiece adsorption and transfer applications

Process Valves

Process valves that can switch the flow of various fluids such as air, medium vacuum, water, oil, steam, etc.

Chemical Liquid Valves

Air operated chemical liquid valves that are compatible with acid, alkali, and super-pure water, which are required for the production of semiconductors in high-purity environments

Life Science Equipment

Mainly valves that can switch the flow of water and reagents in blood analyzers

High Vacuum Equipment

High vacuum valves that are used for semiconductor manufacturing equipment

Business Field

Pneumatics: Contributing to the automation of nearly every industry

The stage is set for the endless possibilities that pneumatic control technologies have to offer.

The development of sophisticated automation in the industrial world has sparked a rapid growth in the use of pneumatic components in other industries. Pneumatic components are no longer only a mainstay of core industries such as the automotive, electronics, and machinery industries; they are now being used in a growing number of other industrial fields as well. As the demand for high-technology applications continues to grow at lightning speed, pneumatics has become an indispensable part of high-tech industries such as information technology. In addition, pneumatic components are starting to play an increasingly important role in the automation of the medical industry, nursing care, and other consumer applications. There appears to be no end in sight for the future of pneumatics.