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    SMC Japan (Corporate)

    The 21st century – with the revolution in global IT, Information Technology, business methods are undergoing great changes. In these quickly developing ever changing times, customer satisfaction can only be achieved by a clear understanding of our customers’ goals and objectives. Therefore, SMC has built an organization that listens carefully to our customers and responds quickly and specifically to their needs. SMC has established a wide spread global network of locations in all major countries of the America’s, Europe and Asia showing our active commitment to the world market. SMC supporting this global network with a stable supply chain of global products, a high level of technical services and solid communication network to meet our customers’ needs and expectations.

    Network, Development and Supports

    Our engineering staff now exceeds 1,300 and is located in Technical centers in Japan, United States, Europe and China. Quick, clear and detailed responses to customer requests are communicated through our sales group, and engineering are constantly on the alert for new trends that lead to world class new products.

    With 320 sales offices in 78 countries worldwide, our sales force of over 5,600 maintains close communication with customers. By establishing a strong base in each country and region with a large experienced sales force, SMC provides the best possible services in the industry. Maintaining close communication with our customers throughout the world keeps our engineering teams and our products at the leading edge industry.

    Our product line offers 11,000 basic models with over 600,000 variations. Global productions facilities provide a stable supply of products to customers in all markets.The vast array of products satisfies nearly every application. Fast delivery of these high quality products of competitive costs is accomplished through our unique productions system, and by maximizing our local production capabilities, a stable supply of product is guaranteed.

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