Sustainable Management of CO2

Comparison with ISO standard-compliant products (Compact products)
Compact Cylinder JCQ Series

*For details on CO2 emission calculation conditions (SMC’s calculation method), Click here.

Product Information

Compact Cylinder JCQ/JCDQ

Air Cylinders » Compact Air Cylinders
    ・Compact: Overall length shortened by 6.5 mm, Width shortened by 6 mm, Height shortened by 4 mm
    ・Weight: Max. 46% lighter (382 g → 204 g) (Flange mounting)
    ・Volume: Max. 40% reduction
    ・With auto switch (JCDQ series: JCDQ)
    ・An axial foot type and a flange type have been added. (ø32 to ø100)
  • 2D/3D CAD

    The new SMC CAD SYSTEM, CADENAS, allows you to output 2D/3D CAD data with full part numbers in various data formats. Responses to part number selection has been greatly improved with the newly developed system.

    Click here for 2D/3D CAD
TypeSeriesActionBore size (mm)
StandardJCQDouble acting, Single rod12,16,20,25,32,40,50,63,80,100

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