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High Pressure Coolant Valve SGH

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    ・Max. operating pressure: 3 MPa, 7 MPa, 10 MPa [New], 14 MPa [New]
    ・Applicable to high-speed grinding and long drilling processes
    ・Coolant valve for high-pressure coolant liquid that is ideal for lubrication, dust blowing, and cooling
    ・Service life: 3 million cycles (Based on SMC's test conditions)
    ・Water hammer: Reduced by 20% (Compared to existing model, VNH series)
    ・Power consumption: 0.35 W (24 VDC, V116)
    ・The 3-port dual pressure type has been standardized.
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  • High Pressure Coolant Valve SGH
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SeriesValve typePort sizeOrifice diameter (mmø)
SGHN.C./N.O.3/8 to 17.5 to 15.9

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