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Proportional Control Valve JSP

Process Valves » Proportional Control Valve
Modular F.R.L./Pressure Control Equipment » Proportional Control Valve
Pressure Control Equipment » Proportional Control Valve
    ・Control the flow rate smoothly according to the current
    ・Repeatability: ±3% F.S. or less
    ・Sensitivity: 2% F.S. or less
    ・2 body types: Body ported, Base mounted
    ・IP67 enclosure
    ・Seal material: FKM
    ・Choice of body material: Stainless steel, Brass
    ・Electrical entry: Grommet, Conduit, DIN terminal
SeriesTypePort sizeOrifice diameter (mmø)Fluid
JSP□3Proportional control valve
Base mounted
1/81.4, 2.3Air
JSP□1Proportional control valve
Body ported
1/4, 3/82.0, 3.2Air

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