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Rotary Actuator CRB/CDRB

Rotary Actuators/Air Grippers » Rotary Actuators Vane Type
    ・Features a compact body with a built-in angle adjustment unit and auto switch unit (Size: 20, 30, 40)
     Overall length: 44% shorter, Weight: 48% lighter
    ・Piping, wiring, and angle adjustment can be performed on the same side for easier mounting.
    ・Easy-to-adjust start and end positions with the angle adjustment bolts (as standard)
    ・The position of the chamfered portion of the shaft can be easily checked usingthe rotating angle indicator. (Only for the CDRB with auto switch)
    ・Each of the units below for the CRB2 series can be mounted to the CRB series.
  • Rotary Actuator CRB/CDRB
    Type Series View search result
    Standard (Without auto switch)CRBView search result
    Standard (With auto switch)CDRBView search result
    With vertical auto switch unitCRB□-A
    With angle adjustment unitCRB□-B
    With vertical auto switch unit
    With angle adjustment unit
TypeSeriesVane typeSizeRotating angle
Standard (Without auto switch)CRBSingle10,15,20,30,4090°180°270°
Standard (With auto switch)CDRBSingle10,15,20,30,4090°180°
With vertical auto switch unitCRB□-ASingle10,15,20,30,4090°180°270°
With angle adjustment unitCRB□-BSingle10,15,20,30,4090°180°270°
With vertical auto switch unit
With angle adjustment unit

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