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Thermo-Chillers (Circulating Fluid Temperature Controllers)

Thermo-chiller/Basic Type HRSE

    ・Complete with energy-saving triple control!
     Reduces power consumption by 33%
    ・Compact and lightweight: 32 kg (100 VAC)
    ・Maintenance-free: Magnet pump
    ・Low-noise design: 55 dB (A)
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  • Thermo-chiller/Basic Type HRSE
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  • Thermo-chiller/Basic Type HRSE
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SeriesSet temperature
Cooling methodCirculating fluid
HRSE10 to 30℃1.2 kW
1.6 kW
2.2 kW
(60 Hz)
±2.0℃Air-cooled refrigerationTap water
Ethylene glycol aqueous solution (15%)


■Large energy saving by triple control!

Compressor, fan and electronic control valve can be controlled depending on the heat load from the user's equipment.
Power consumption reduced by 33%

Circuit diagram

■Compact/Lightweight 32 kg(100 VAC)

■Cooling capacity 1.2, 1.6, 2.2 kW
■Max. ambient temperature 40°C (200 VAC)
■Set temperature range 10 to 30°C
■Temperature stability ±2.0°C
■Maintenance free Magnet pump
■Low-noise design 55 dB (A)
■Power supply 100/200 VAC 50/60 Hz
 [New]230 VAC (50/60 Hz)

■Simple function and performance. Thermo-chiller of the basic type
■Application Examples
■Circulating Fluid Line Equipment

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