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Rotary Table MSQ

Rotary Actuators/Air Grippers » Rotary Actuators Rack & Pinion Type
    ・Compact and lightweight
     Height: Max. 28% reduction (54 mm → 39 mm)
     Weight: Max. 28% reduction (940 g → 680 g)
    ・Enlarged center hole diameter for piping (ø9 mm → ø12 mm)
     * Compared with the existing model (MSQ20)
    ・The adjustable rotation time range is expanded. (0.2 to 2.0 s/90º)
     Can be used at lower speeds compared with the existing model
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  • Rotary Table MSQ
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    Basic typeMSQView search result
TypeSeriesRack typeSizeRotating angle
Basic typeMSQDouble10,20,30,500 to 190°
With external shock absorberMSQ□LDouble10,20,30,5090° 180°
With external shock absorberMSQ□HDouble10,20,30,5090° 180°

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