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Angle Seat Valve / Air Operated Type JSB

Process Valves » 2/3 Port Solenoid Valves/Air Operated Valves
    ・Low pressure loss due to angle seat structure!
    ・Long service life: 10 million cycles (Air, Water),
     3 million cycles (Steam)
    ・Large flow rate
     A large flow rate is possible due to the optimized
     flow channel shape. (Cv factor: approx. 2.5 times)
    ・Compact: Height 166 mm (Port size: 1")
    ・Abundant series variations of 7 sizes
    ・All-in-One (Stainless steel 316L equivalent)
     Air, Water, Steam
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  • Angle Seat Valve / Air Operated Type JSB
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SeriesValve typePort sizeCv
JSBN.C.3/8 to 2''
10A to 50A
5.0 to 87.5

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