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Clamp Cylinder CK□1

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    ・Weight: 7% reduction (1.96 kg → 1.82 kg)
    ・3 types of clevis widths: 12.5 mm, 16.5 mm, 19.5 mm
     Possible to select depending on the application
    ・Mounting dimensions are interchangeable with the existing CK1 series model.
    ・Switch mounting rod and piping port are mountable in three orientations.
    ・Various types of auto switches can be mounted.
     Magnetic field resistant auto switches, Standard auto switches
  • Clamp Cylinder CK□1
    Type Series Action Bore size (mm) View search result
    Standard magnet typeCKG1□-Z1Double acting40,50,63View search result
    Without magnetCK1□-Z1Double acting40,50,63View search result
    Strong magnet typeCKP1□-Z1Double acting40,50,63View search result
TypeSeriesActionClevis width (mm)Bore size (mm)
Standard magnet typeCKG1□-Z1Double acting12.5,16.5,19.540,50,63
Without magnetCK1□-Z1Double acting12.5,16.5,19.540,50,63
Strong magnet typeCKP1□-Z1Double acting12.5,16.5,19.540,50,63

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