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Multistage Ejector (With built-in ZSE30A vacuum pressure switch) ZL1/ZL3/ZL6

The ZL multistage ejector (with built-in ZSE30A)
is to be discontinued as of August 2024. Select
the new ZL (with built-in ZSE20A) instead.        
    ・Max. suction flow rate: 3 types available: 100, 300, and 600 L/min (ANR)
    ・Air consumption: 91% reduction (For the ZL3, ZL6)
    ・Weight: Max. 60% reduction [ZL112 (Existing model): 450 g → ZL1: 180 g]
    ・3-stage diffuser construction (For the ZL1: SMC comparison)
     Suction flow rate increased by 250%
    ・3 types of vacuum pressure sensors
    ・No tools are required! Maintenance labor can be reduced.
    ・IO-Link compatible vacuum pressure switch

    *1 ZL3H, ZL6H (Standard supply pressure: 0.5 MPa)
    *2 Branch + Port exhaust
SeriesNozzle diameter
Max. suction flow
Air consumption
ZL61.9 x 2
1.5 x 2

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