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Air Gripper with Finger Changer Function MHF2-X7076A

Rotary Actuators/Air Grippers » Parallel Type Air Grippers
    ・Automatic tool changer unit for robots
    ・The wiring and piping are bundled together in the body of the air gripper (robot side).
    ・Improves electric contact during tool changes, reduces air leakage due to defective piping connections, etc.
    ・Various workpieces can be handled by a single robot.
     Increased productivity due to reduced attachment replacement and positioning work
    ・Overall length: Reduced by 82% or more
    ・Weight: Reduced by 69% or more (485 g → 150 g)
  • 2D/3D CAD

    The new SMC CAD SYSTEM, CADENAS, allows you to output 2D/3D CAD data with full part numbers in various data formats. Responses to part number selection has been greatly improved with the newly developed system.

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TypeSeriesCylinder bore size (mm)
With finger changer functionMHF2-X7076A8

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