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Vertical Suction Filter for Coolant FHIAF-10-M149G

Industrial Filters/Sintered Metal Elements » Industrial Filters
    ・Supports threaded connections
    ・Lightweight: 2.5 kg/Aluminum bodied
    ・Operating pressure: –100 to 0 kPa
    ・Nominal filtration: 149 μm (100 mesh)
    ・The vacuum pressure gauge can be used to manage clogging.
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  • Vertical Suction Filter for Coolant FHIAF-10-M149G
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    FHIAF-10-M149GView search result
SeriesPort sizeOperating pressure [kPa]Nominal filtration [μm]
FHIAF-10-M149GIN port : Rp3/4
OUT port : Rc1/2
-100 to 0149 (100 mesh)

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