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Compact Vacuum Unit ZQ□A

Vacuum Equipment (Vacuum Generators/Vacuum Suction Cups/Other) » Vacuum Ejectors (Vacuum Generators)/Vacuum Pump Systems
    ・Vacuum pressure switch with energy saving function
     Air consumption: 90% reduction (Based on SMC’s measurement conditions)
     Power consumption: 60% reduction [1 W (Existing model) → 0.4 W]
     Vacuum release pressure: From 0 MPa [From 0.3 MPa (Existing model) → From 0 MPa]
     Copy function: Reduced setting labor, Minimized risk of setting mistakes
    ・Compatible with ejector systems and vacuum pump systems
Ejector seriesNozzle diameter
Max. suction flow
Air consumption
Guidelines for applicable pad
Vacuum pump system series
ZQ050.55152 to 13ZQ000□
ZQ070.710252 to 20ZQ000□
ZQ101.022472 to 32ZQ000□

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