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Vacuum Manifold for Fieldbus System ZKJ

Vacuum Equipment (Vacuum Generators/Vacuum Suction Cups/Other) » Vacuum Ejectors (Vacuum Generators)/Vacuum Pump Systems
IO-Link Devices » Vacuum Manifold
     Requires no input/output unit. Space saving
     Reduced wiring time
     Compatible protocol: PROFINET, IO-Link
    ・Energy saving ejector: Air consumption reduced by 90%
    ・Supply valve: N.O. specification
     Can hold vacuum even when the power goes out or is turned off
      (Supposing the supply pressure is being maintained)
     Prevents the sudden dropping of workpieces
      (Supposing the supply pressure is being maintained)
    ・IP65: Dust-tight/Water-jet-proof
Ejector seriesNozzle diameter
Max. suction flow
Air consumption

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