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Vacuum Flow ZHV

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    ・Blow and vacuum can be performed by supplying compressed air.
     Blow: Max. 6820 L/min (ANR)∗1
     Vacuum: Max. 5270 L/min (ANR)∗1
     ∗1 Values for the ZHV40 when the supply pressure is 0.5 MPa
    ・It is possible to adjust the blow and vacuum flow rate by adjusting the nozzle position!
    ・A vacuum flow rate 3 times or more the supply air
    ・A blow flow rate 4 times or more the supply air
    ・Weight: Max. 50% reduction (209 g ← 417 g) ∗2
     ∗2 ZHV20, in comparison with product (ZH20-X185)
    ・Volume: Max. 50% reduction (17000 mm3 ← 34000 mm3) ∗3
     ∗3 ZHV10, in comparison with product (ZH10-X185)
    ・In terms of body mounting, port connection, and passage diameter, this product is compatible with the product (ZH-X185).
SeriesVacuum pressure
Suction flow rate
[L/min (ANR)]
Discharge flow rate
[L/min (ANR)]
Air consumption
[L/min (ANR)]
Fluid passage dia.

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