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Process Pump PA5000

Process Pumps(Diaphragm Pumps) » Process Pumps
    ・Now with compact / energy saving / high-dispense-volume body material polypropylene (PP)!
    ・Compact: Height 185 mm x Width 134 mm x Depth 202 mm
    ・Lightweight: 3.0 kg (Polypropylene)
    ・Fluid contact body material:
     Selectable from PP (polypropylene), aluminum or stainless steel
    ・Automatically operated type and air operated type are available.
    ・Self-priming makes priming unnecessary
SeriesActuationDischarge rate
Wetted parts material
PA50□□Automatically operated
Air operated
63Polypropylene (PP)
PA51□□Automatically operated
Air operated
60Aluminum (ADC12)
PA52□□Automatically operated
Air operated
60Stainless steel (SCS14)

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