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Electric Actuator/Guide Rod Type, Motor Top Mounting Type LEYG

Electric Actuators/Cylinders » Rod Type/Guide Rod Type
    LEYG Series Step Motor (Servo/24 VDC), Servo Motor (24 VDC)
    ・Compact integration of guide rods
     Achieves lateral load resistance and high non-rotating accuracy
    ・Lateral end load: 5 times more (Compared with a rod type, size 25, 100 stroke)
    ・Compatible with sliding bearings and ball bushing bearings
     Compatible with moment load and stopper (sliding bearings)
    ・Speed control/Positioning: Max. 64 points
    ・Either positioning or pushing control can be selected.
     It is possible to hold the actuator with the rod pushing on a workpiece, etc.
    ・Positioning repeatability: ±0.02 mm or less

    LEYG Series AC Servo Motor
    ・High output motor (100/200 W)
    ・Improved high speed transfer ability
    ・High acceleration/deceleration compatible (5000 mm/s2)
    ・Pulse input type
    ・With internal absolute encoder
    ・Motorless specification is available.  Click here for details
    ・Compatible drivers: Click here for LECSS-TLECY□
Pushing force [N]Speed
Screw lead (mm)
Step motor
(Servo/24 VDC)
LEYG1630 to 200Max. 141Max. 5002.5,5,10
Step motor
(Servo/24 VDC)
LEYG2530 to 300Max. 452Max. 5003,6,12
Step motor
(Servo/24 VDC)
LEYG3230 to 300Max. 707Max. 5004,8,16
Step motor
(Servo/24 VDC)
LEYG4030 to 300Max. 1058Max. 3004,8,16
Servo motor
(24 VDC)
LEYG16A30 to 200Max. 111Max. 5002.5,5,10
Servo motor
(24 VDC)
LEYG25A30 to 300Max. 130Max. 5003,6,12
AC servo motorLEYG25□S30 to 300Max. 485Max. 9003,6,12
AC servo motorLEYG32□S30 to 300Max. 588Max. 12005,10,20

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