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Ionizer/Bar Type IZS40/41/42

Static Neutralization Equipment » Static Neutralization Equipment Ionizer Bar Type
    ・Potential amplitude of 25 V or less with the dual AC type
     (At an installation height of 300 mm)
    ・Rapid neutralization of static electricity by a feedback sensor
    ・Reduction of adjustment and maintenance labor by an auto balance sensor
    ・Simple operation: Can be controlled by powering the ionizer ON (Standard type)
    ・Setting ionizer with remote controller
    ・Transition wiring may be used.
    ・3 types of emitter cartridges
     High speed static neutralization cartridge
     Energy saving static neutralization cartridge
     Energy saving high-efficiency cartridge
SeriesTypeIon generation methodOffset voltage
(Ion balance)
IZS42Dual AC typeCorona discharge type±30V
IZS41Feedback sensor typeCorona discharge type±30V
IZS40Standard typeCorona discharge type±30V

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